Winning hearts (and taste buds) in H-Town

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“Today was my second time having your pie. The 1st time I had it delivered and it was such an exceptional pizza I wanted to put a visit in myself this time. And I must say I was not disappointed. Customer service of the boys behind the counter was exceptional. That goes a long way. But it was more than just customer service. It was the extreme attention to detail, the extreme cleanliness of the facility even down to the employees’ uniforms, and the quick and efficient delivery when the pizza was carried out to my vehicle. I have been in Houston for 2 months now. And you guys really take the cake on a job well done. I have eaten in restaurants all over the country, and a pizza joint on the side of the Katy Freeway has impressed me more than the 5 star restaurants of New York or Los Angeles. I wish there was an i Fratelli in every city. And I never again will trust a round pizza.”
-Jacob, via Facebook