Support CityWalk Playground on November 12

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Your pizza purchase on November 12 will benefit CityWalk Playground.  The playground is the brainchild of the Emerging Leaders class of the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  Choose any of our ten locations but be sure to mention you want 15% to go back to CityWalk.

CityWalk@Akard is a mixed-use building at 511 North Akard in downtown Dallas that includes 200 affordable housing units, and 100 of those units are dedicated as housing for the formerly homeless.  CitySquare was the organization that formed CityWalk@Akard’s nonprofit developer, the CDCDC (Central Dallas Community Development Corporation).  CitySquare provides resources onsite to the residents of the building to help give them a second chance to reintegrate back into society.

There are now 38 children living in the building with no public playground nearby.  The 2012 AIA Emerging Leaders class is comprised of young Architects from firms around Dallas who have come together to creatively design a play area within the building’s vacant loading dock area.  They will fundraise and start construction of the new play area beginning in the Fall of 2012.  They envision the play area to be a unique space which will give CityWalk@Akard the chance to expand their support programs for the children residing in the building.

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