Help Duck Team 6 rescue street dogs on June 24

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Mention Duck Team 6 with your order on Monday, June 24 and they will receive 15% back.  Fundraiser applies at all 11 of our locations, for carry out, delivery, or dine-in at i Fratelli Ristorante & Wine Bar.

Duck Team 6 is a group of friends who have experience rescuing dogs from the streets. We decided to work together as a team in hopes of being able to save more dogs.

Rescued dog Ivy needs a home
Rescued dog Ivy needs a home

We do what we can, but please know we cannot take in dogs that we capture.  DT6 is not a “rescue group” that fosters, boards, or shelters dogs.  However, we are a “capture team” that helps with the capture of elusive dogs and then works with those rescue groups to place a captured dog in a foster home, forever home or no-kill organization.

The street dogs tend to adjust really well once they are in a home environment; they just need a chance.  Thank you for helping them – these dogs are fending for themselves and they need our entire community’s help.

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