It’s feeling OFFICIAL

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The sign is installed, and the blueprints are in the works.

sign up in Austin Jan 2016

Update: July 26, 2016
We received our APPROVED blueprints from the city of Austin. Construction will begin immediately. Projected opening date will be late October/early November.

6 thoughts on “It’s feeling OFFICIAL”

  1. We are thrilled you are finally coming to Austin, and you really need to look at Southwest Austin for a location! Large, growing neighborhoods and very little delivery options right now. One of your full service restaurants like you have on MacArthur in Irving would do amazingly well here!

  2. Just saw the sign yesterday for the Great Hill/Arboretum store to come. So thrilled you guys are opening in Austin. Finally pizza worthy of being called Pizza in Austin! As a long time customer from Valley Ranch & Flower Mound I have missed my twice-weekly dinners. And I do agree, a full service restaurant & wine bar as in Irving would do fabulous. Thank you!

  3. I second the southwest Austin comment. While there are some really good local pizza joints down this way (that are always packed BTW), I’d always welcome more options since I love all styles of pizza. I used to eat at iFratelli’s all the time when I lived in Bedford and try to order from you guys whenever I happen to be in the DFW area.

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