DoughNation on 2/29 benefits Ragan’s HOPE

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Just say “Ragan’s HOPE” on Monday 2/29 and 15% off your purchase will go to support families with a chronically ill child.  Ragan’s HOPE provides services such as:

  • Ready-made meals delivered to their home
  • Hospital Parking Passes
  • Utilities, rent and mortgage assistance
  • Arranging for maid service, lawn care, laundry needs
  • Assistance with pets
  • Hospital visits from like-minded people who have gone through similar circumstances
  • Funeral Assistance
  • Transporting other siblings to and from school / activities / childcare
  • Encouraging, thoughtful and prayerful Cards to parents and other family members
  • Ongoing support after a child has left the hospital, helping parents learn new routines for caring for medically challenged, physically or mentally disabled children
  • Sitting with children in the hospital when their parents can’t be there
  • Organizing special events for families that involve activities for children who may have physical challenges
  • Fundraising

Our DoughNation fundraiser for Ragan’s HOPE applies all day on Monday, February 29 at any of our locations for delivery, take-out, or dine-in at i Fratelli Ristorante & Wine Bar.

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