Our legacy continues…

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Thank you Tiffany Tippett for this *lyrical* review of i Fratelli Pizza Southlake on Google +
Let me tell you a magnificent tale of melted cheese, perfect toppings-to-cheese ratios and slain dragons. Ok. Forget the slain dragons but the rest of this story is 100 percent true. Steven, the manager, is a pizza GOD who uses his powers only for good. Today he raised his mighty bowstaff and bestowed upon myself and my co-workers 3 of the most delicious creations ever known to man. I’m literally not going to do any more work today at the office and no one will dare say anything, because it was I that called i Fratelli therefore it is I that shall, for today, be untouchable. Thank you Steve, I shall spread your legacy for ages to come. TLDR; Also y’all, the pizza is like crazy good.

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